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The behavior on which is represented in this term paper is changing eating habits to lose weight.  This is one area in my personality which I think is less than perfect and requires alteration.

Losing weight could be achieved through works outs and exercise but one thing that is often neglected is proper diet or eating the right food. Exercise without having a proper diet will not have much effect on the weight. Both the things should be parallel in order to achieve desired results that is proper exercise and well planned diet.  Another thing that I realized is that losing weight demands patience, positive attitude, determination and will power. While going to the super market for shopping make a list of the food items that are high risk and would cause increase in the weight. Protein is an essential element for weight reduction reason being it stimulates the metabolism and creates a feeling of being full. As a general tip the use of water should be increased as it improves the bio function and stave off hunger (Llnair, 2009).

Now a day’s so many people are trying to lose weight with different strategies like for instance surgeries, or extensive work outs, but eventually most of them end up in gaining the weight back. What I have observed is that the only way to reduce weight naturally is by changing the eating habits. It is a complex process and needs high level of determination. As written before it requires self control and a good know how of what to eat and what not to eat. Whenever buying food items the labels should be read properly to know what the ingredients that have been used in making that product. Apart from that one more thing that I have noticed throughout the years is that people often tend to neglect breakfast. Breakfast is the single most important meal of the day. A good healthy breakfast would make the individual fee fill for a long time and at the same time it would take long time to digest which would prevent from unnecessary snacking.

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