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Mrs. Peters said that the most challenging aspect of being a senior in American society and in today’s world is that one must have an idea of that are his/her responsibilities and how they can be fulfilled. In the similar manner in certain scenarios seniors have to take care of their juniors and the young ones so that they might take their own decisions. Finally, it can be said that seniors have their own responsibilities and they are also responsible for others that is the reason why in certain societies they are respected a lot.

The biggest issue that actually arises with the seniors is that how much time do they have for entertainment and fun oriented activities and what are constraints attached with leisure. Mrs. Peters says that senior citizens of the society do face certain difficulties because of age when leisure oriented activities are concerned. She said that leisure in most of the societies is related with the young ones and young adults. When seniors are enjoying in amusement parks and they are riding on the rides then most of the seniors believe that it looks odd because they are not in the same age bracket. That is the reason why Mrs. Peters believes that there should be separate places of leisure for the senior citizens of the society in which they can enjoy with same aged individuals. Mrs. Peters says if she has certain leisure time she spends that time with her family and gives them recommendations about life. Mrs. Peters said that when she was a child she had ample amount of leisure time because she just have to study and pay so she spends a lot of time playing with her friends.

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