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The drive to obtain certification is not only limited to large organisations but smaller organisations also seek to obtain certification of the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard due to similar benefits. Although the implementation and certification costs are quite high for smaller companies but the significant level of benefits derived from certification are given much more weight while considering certification. A research study involving small and medium enterprises carried out at University of Leicester in collaboration with Centre of Enterprise concluded that the 2000 version of the ISO standard had positive effects on the internal and external quality control mechanisms along with products and services of these enterprises (Boulter and Bendell 2002).

The basic motive for organisations of all types and sizes is the level of customer satisfaction derived after certification of the standard. The ISO 9001:2000 implies high quality of products and services of a company and customers are attracted to these products due to confirmed and endorsed quality. Through certification companies can not only address customer satisfaction issues but also adhere to regulatory requirements in specific industries and facilitate management, employees, customers, quality auditors and regulatory bodies in assessing ability of companies to meet quality standards (Tricker 2005).

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