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Internet was introduced as the technology superhighway because it was invented to provide people with unlimited access to the information they required.  Usage of internet around the world is increasing rapidly every month and this separates the users in two categories, those who use internet as the information superhighway and others who think of the internet as the information superhighway with barriers on some of the diversions as the censorship. With the help of censorship, indecent, heretical and seditious information is filtered or blocked for access.  In this paper we shall discuss the usage of internet and censorship.

The usage of internet in Singapore is increasing rapidly. Currently there is only one service provider Telecom’s Singnet in Singapore. There are more service providers, such as Apple and Microsoft who are showing interest to provide services in Singapore (Ang & Nadarajan, 1996, p.77).

According to Singapore’s perspective, censorship is for some positive reasons. There are some reasons behind these perspectives. Firstly the negative effects of media over consumers; secondly there have been many incidents by the media and online reports in the pasts which lead to the racial disturbance causing slaughter, massacre and social misbalance. For instance, the case of Maria Hertogh, who was forced to give up Islamic religion and to take up Christianity.  This report created the situation of turmoil in the Muslim society as the injustice to religion. Thus censorship in Singapore is justified on the basis of political and social opinions with the worst experiences in past (Ang & Nadarajan, 1996, p.74).

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