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Another family of processors by Intel is Celeron D processor family. It is the novel name given to brand name of Celeron desktop processors. The Celeron D processor family pursues the NetBurst micro-architecture. This last generation of Celeron NetBurst processors uses 0.13-micron technology. Northwood core has been incorporated here in this family of Celeron D processors. The 0.13-micron technology has advanced and promoted to 0.09 micron and even 0.065 micron using Prescott core with Prescott-256 and Cedar Mill with Cedar-512 respectively.

Prescott Celeron D microprocessors are an improved form of Northwood Celeron processors. The step by step advancements in Celeron D processors include the enlargement of level 2 cache up to 512 Kilobytes from 256 KB, speeding up of front side Bus frequency by 33% up to 2.13 to 3.6 Giga Hertz, having a single core. The Prescott core central processing units have Execute Disable bit functionality which has been described above.

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