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Recession Blow on Economy of United States

The unemployment is due to many causes in hands which include the biggest factor of recession and inflation. One risk that US might be forced to experience is the increasing rate of unemployment that has been increasing from past few years that is the constant and gradual increase in the rate of unemployment. Due to the gradual and constant shift in the rate of the unemployment, the labor force of the country gets irreparable damage (Wessels, 2000). The latest statistics show that the increasing shift of the unemployment rate in US was has increased dramatically.

The economy of the United States is the largest economy of the world. The economy of the united states is the most powerful economy as well because the individuals and the business firms are fully capable to take decisions and run the economy of the united states therefore the underemployed population of the united states is completely self-sufficient while the unemployed population remains under the  burden of liabilities due to unemployment.

The unemployment rate increased in the country when the recession hit the country and made many good workers sit at home. The recession was the major additive of the complicated consequences in the scenario of unemployment in United States.

Closures of Companies

Bigger organizations are facing tough challenges within the country and abroad as well. Due to the extreme exposure to competitions in the market, some of the companies undergo financial instability. Financial instabilities are also caused by misallocation of the internal infrastructure of the companies as well. There are many companies in Unites States that gone through closure and resulted in the unemployment of thousands of workers. The closure of companies had been a great reason of the increase of the rate of unemployment in the United States.

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