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There are number of causes that affect the students for being At-risk as discussed below. These causes are interrelated but arise in different forms and situations. There could be a range of causes of increase in the number students at risk.

2.3.1 Poverty:

Bad socio-economic status of the students is also another reason behind the change of behavior and the reason why the students are at-risk. These students lack the family and community resources which are necessary for the attainment of success in schools and other academic activities (Huston, 1994). Students are considered to be at-risk when events take place in their lives such as the point where they mismatch between the circumstances and they cannot experience their needs and the capacity to respond to be in the social growth as well as emotional development (McKinney & Abrams, 2006).

2.3.2 Child abuse:

This is the most hazardous and regular cause for being of student at-risk. Child abuse is widely-spread among western countries and this generates enormous changes in the child behavior. Sexual harassment is most common among the youth that terrifies them and discourages them to react positive and function well (Williams, 1999).

2.3.3 Unethical Behavior at School:

Nowadays the standards of teachers are more than worse because the teachers are more interested in gaining the money than imparting quality education. Therefore teachers do not really examine and analyze the students and therefore the students at-risk are not observed and applied the treatment for the development as a better student. Teachers become brutal with the students and in this way this handling of students disturbs the mental normality of the student causing him to be at risk. Moreover students need to be indulged in extra-curricular activities. The encouragement level should be at high in the nurture and development therefore the lack of encouragement often puts the child at-risk (Kahlenberg, 2007).

2.3.4 Domestic Violence:

Families play the most vital role in the development of the children’s behavior, attitude and personality which can never be changed once the child enters in the adult criteria. Family is the significant and critical setting for the nurturing of the children. Children at school represent their family by their body language, personality, behavior and attitude towards the teachers and peers. This directly affects the academic progress of student as the family where the domestic violence is normal often demolishes the innocence of the child and this lead the child towards the disastrous end of his childhood (Moore, 2006).

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