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Cathy currently has 56-Kbps dial-up modem and the internet is way too slow. She is stuck in the stone age of internet access. Her options are DSL at $60 per month, a cable modem service at $50 per month or a wireless connection for $45 per month. To use the internet people have to connect to an ISP. All the internet connection options available to Cathy are ways to connect to an ISP. Traditional modems that use phone lines have very slow connections like the one Cathy has right now. Nowadays it is more common to have a broadband connection than a modem because its way faster. (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8)

“Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a family of point-to-point technologies designed to provide high-speed data transmission over traditional telephone lines.” (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8) Traditional telephone lines are slower as means to connecting to the internet because of switching equipment. A cable on the other hand is better and connects two locations faster because more data can be transmitted through it. Cables are already in there in telephone lines so all that needs to be done is changing a few things in the telephone. Customer premises equipment is all the equipment that has to be installed for DSL to work in a house or wherever the internet connection is. (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8) When you install DSL the company guy comes over and installs a DSL modem, troubleshoots if there are any problems and the customer is set to go. The best part about DSL compared to a simple modem connection that Cathy has right now is not that it is faster but that it doesn’t keep the phone line busy. “A line splitter…is used to separate the traditional voice telephone transmission from the data transmissions. The line splitter directs the telephone signals into the normal telephone system so that if the DSL equipment fails, voice communications are unaffected.” (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8)

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