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Today, due to pollution most the eggs of the mature Sturgeon are infertile. These malformations have further decreased the number of Sturgeon in the world. Furthermore the pollution, particularly from oil spills also removed the main source of food for the Sturgeon, the shellfish. Thus due to its restrictions Caspian sea caviar is priced higher than any other and has encouraged businesses to find alternatives to fishing (Zwyer 2008).

Farming Sturgeons as a concept was conceived in the 1900s but is very expensive, high maintenance and cost prohibitive business even today. However, due to a high demand along with fraudulent sources of Caspian caviar and their high price, it has now become the preferred source of quality caviar in many countries around the world. In the world today legal Caviar trade is a 100 million dollar a year enterprise. It is exported from several countries around the world such as Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

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