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In the year 1998 an Oregon woman was severely ill and she was suffering from breast cancer. Therefore, she asked her physician for assisted suicide and the doctor gave him a pill to end her life. Through this action she was considered as the first woman in the United States to commit assisted suicide with the collaboration of her doctor. This was labeled as the first assisted suicide and it was known as PAS (Physician –assisted suicide) (Terman, Miller and Evans).

These assisted suicides are illegal in different states of United States but it is actually legal in the state of Oregon after 1997 (Pretzer). Different states are patients who are involved in fatal diseases are making efforts to legalize physician assisted suicide in other states of United States.

A survey of different physicians depicts that nearly half of them believe that PAS is an ethically justifiable process and physicians should use that. However, there are certain professional organizations that are against this practice because they believe that it actually undermines the aspect of integrity of physicians. The results of the survey depicts that about 1 in 5 physicians will receive a request of assisted suicide and about 5-20% of these requests are eventually honored by the physicians (Manning).

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