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Carruthers says that there is every reason to believe that the Wife of Bath’s business of cloth making, which “passed hem of Ypres and of Gaunt,” was big business.  The lady is a capitalist clothier, one of those business people who oversaw the entire process of cloth manufacture.  More often than not, such women in the medieval times were wealthy widows who carried on after their husband’s death.

In the case of the Wife of Bath, however, she is married while engaged in her business.  Being wealthy, and perhaps wealthier than her last two husbands, the lady found it easy to manipulate them and bend them according to her wishes.  She even used physical force with one of her husbands when she found him reading the “book of wikked wives” (Dwyer).

Was it revenge on behalf of her sorority?  Yes, perhaps.  The charismatic Wife of Bath shall use her charisma to get whatsoever she will happen her way.  It is partly because of her that Madonna is among the many voices singing on women’s liberation in our day.

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