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Kathleen is the daughter of O’Brien who is shown as she asks her father whether he has ever killed any person since he likes writing about war stories. At first, he lies that he has never killed anybody but shortly after, he pretends that Kathleen is an adult and tells her the whole truth. Although Kathleen is only a minor, it is through her that we learn the whole truth about his father.

In his story as it is revealed to Kathleen, her daughter, we learn that O’Brien feels very guilty for the person he shot twenty years ago. Although he tries to comfort himself that the man could have died with or without been shot, his guilt is shown as, he tells of how he sees the man when he is resting or reading the newspaper. It is therefore true to argue that Kathleen is a minor character but of great importance in proving guiltiness in his father. It also through the question asked to O’Brien by his daughter that we learn every detail of his killing act of the person at My Khe.

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