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The things they carried is a story by Tim O’Brien about the soldiers who were involved in the Vietnam War and the lives of guilt they had to live after the war. Since the army is mainly by male soldiers, it follows that most of the characters in the story are men.

The only female characters in the play are three namely Martha, Kathleen and Linda. The women characters are only used in the story to reduce the guilt feelings the soldiers have and make their lives more comfortable. For instance, in the chapter of love, it happens that Jimmy Cross who is one of the soldiers goes to visit Tim O’Brien in his house and they start admiring photographs. They end up coming across the photograph of Lavender who they have been blaming theirselves for his death. Their guilt is shown in the discussion that follows and in order to reduce this guilt feeling they are experiencing, they start talking of girlfriends. They laugh as they talk of the way Henry Dobbins carried the pantyhose of his girlfriend round his neck for luck as they went on fighting.

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