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The intensity of horrific mode of the movie had been highlighted with the help of cinematographic features. Key elements of the horror sequences such as windows and lengthening shadows actually represent a great deal of objectivity of the movie unlike horror movies where computerized themes and backdrops are set to make it horrific (Hilligoss). An example could be drawn from the scene where the protagonist of the story enters in the carnival full of souls. The shadows had been wonderfully used with all the props and set design of the scene. The act of souls lurking from different set elements had been highlighted with shadows. As the movie Carnival of Souls is a black and white movie, only shadows made a significant impact on the overall appearance of the movie (Hilligoss).

The second most important element of the movie is makeup that had managed to play a vital role in giving the movie a more realistic view and approach. Make-up basically represents the sequence of the movie and supplies a constant flow of trajectory for the storyline. The element of makeup is most important of the movie as sequences and composition is totally dependent upon it. For instance, the movie was not produced in a higher scale of budget but it surely managed to provide an end full of suspense. It is due to the sequences of the movie and composition of storyline that continued in the overall makeup of the movie (Barsam, Monahan and Gocsik).

From the above discussion it could be inferred that although the movie Carnival of Souls was not commercially successful and received unfavorable critiques from both its audiences and critics however upon analysis of the cinematographic elements of the movie including shadows and makeup it could be considered as a successful attempt by its director and its horror genre is well served.

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