Cannabis is considered to be the most common drug that is used illicitly throughout the world. Cannabis is believed to be less deteriorating to health in comparison to other drugs such as alcohol. Despite its less severity in causing damage to the body in comparison to various other drugs, it has been observed to have several negative side effects that are not only physical but also psychological. These side effects include an increase in appetite, feelings of intoxication, impaired motor ability, and memory loss in the short term. It has also been observed to lead to decreased testosterone and motivational tendencies but these conditions can be reverted over a period of considerably short time with limited abstinence.

The physical risks that are caused by the use of cannabis include damage to the lungs as a consequence of inhalation of smoke and an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders. These risks are also not long-lasting.

However, the psychological risks are considerably high and damaging which is related to adverse effects on the mental health of the individuals that use cannabis and are persistent over a long period of time.


Dependence on cannabis has also been observed that is related to an increased risk of comorbid mental health disorders that remain across the lifetime. Various other mental health conditions are also related to the use of cannabis which consists of psychosis, paranoia, and anxiety.

Most of these conditions are temporary but they can be associated with several other factors that can interfere with the normal functioning of individuals that use cannabis. It has been observed that the use of cannabis is perilous when driving.

It has also been observed in a recent study that significantly lowered IQ can be caused by the use of cannabis during early adolescence. There is also a considerable amount of evidence that has suggested that the use of cannabis can reduce the volume of cerebellar grey matter which is a significant characteristic of schizophrenia.

There are several reasons why cannabis is used including relaxation, dry mouth, slowing time, better sleep, improved thinking, and increased sexual pleasure. It is difficult to study cannabis with precision because it has several different strains.

Tetrahydrahydrocanabinol (THC) is the chief active ingredient of cannabis. It also includes cannabidiol (CBD) which is also an important element of cannabis that binds with THC and the binding of their complex occurs with the natural cannabinoid receptors of human beings. There are different effects of both CBD and CHD on the body.

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