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Meanwhile, the coastal ways were greatly changed by the by the industrial economy. Safer and reliable steel vessels became a common part of the equation and streamers were replaced with sail in 1860s in Newfoundland as well. This is also attributed to be one of the few reasons that contributed to the increase in unemployment around the same time. The industrialized era soon followed and the technology of canning was introduced with its arrival. It is important to highlight here that the industry of canning contributed greatly in the formation of two most extremely important industries that were going to sustain the livelihoods of several people for the ages to follow. Firstly, the industry of Sardine in the Bay of Fundy and then a huge expansion of the lobster industry because of the new plants which allowed for not only an increase in consumption but also in the range of related products that was available. The next significant revolutionary element to be introduced was the trawler which served to open new pathways in fishing since the enhanced capabilities of the trawlers allowed fishing operations to be carried out for as far as 12 miles and more.

The technological advancement led to developments that allowed the export service to attain a higher level of efficiency. It was perhaps because of the same reason that the salmon fisheries were able to find bigger markets. Salted and dried fish had also been in demand and the canning industry gave fisheries an opportunity to explore these demands as well.

Canadian fisheries received a gigantic boom when the First World War interrupted fish supplies to Europe. This was the reason behind the rise in the incomes of those associated with the Canadian fisheries and the increased demand for their product caused the diesel engine to become a common option where the powering of large vessels was involved.

Thus with the analysis of the brief and descriptive history of the Canadian maritime, it can be concluded that a number of regions inclusive of Canada were involved in the initial phases of the fisheries industry. We can surmise that it was Atlantic fisheries that played the most vital role in the establishment, development and the eventual modernization of the maritime culture by providing favorable conditions for fishing.

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