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Canada’s maritime period was given an adequate start after the Canada Confederation in 1867. This confederation gave the authority that was required to setup the department of marine and fisheries. The previous conflict of Reciprocity was addressed in the 1871 treaty of Washington. In this treaty the free fishing and free trade was restored. Further provisions that gave the sense of solidarity to the Canadians status were also included in the treaty.

This was a time when the Canadian maritime culture was in its most uniform condition. Instead of being influenced by other societies, Canadian maritime culture stood for its own identity which involved marriage, sharing, trade and the social synthesis of the society.  In 1885 USA refused to agree with the provisions of the treaty but Canada decided to advance with its patrol fleet. This continued till the time of the preliminary agreement which allowed Americans to access the Canadian ports. These conflicts continued until the problem was solved by the International tribunal between America and Canada. In this period the fishing vessels were buying bait from the local fishermen in Newfoundland. It was perhaps for the same reasons that Newfoundland was given more respect by Canada, America and other great fishery vessels like Great Britain.

In one of the provinces of Canada, the confederation legislation introduced a system of licensing. This was to protect private ownership linked with salmon-fishing. But this system barely lasted long because of Britain’s Judicial Committee to the Privy Council which weekend the federal authority and gave relaxation in the awards procedure.

During this period, there were many actions which were taken against the general act of fishing. These actions were taken by commissions that usually lead to the establishment and implementation of restrictions. These restrictions included prohibited months of fishing, the sizes of the fishes, and the types of fisheries, the fishing gear used etc.

In the period after the confederation, the Maritime leaders changed the point of their focus from the maritime field to the new opportunities in railways and manufacturing. A great number of people began depending upon lumbering and exporting of fishes.

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