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Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework of this brand depicts that this organization is located Malaysia and this organization operates in the state of Kedah. The spending of children on toys has increased and more and more children in Malaysia are spending on toys. Therefore, it can be said that the market of toys can be treated as an opportunity for the organization.

Through innovation and novel approach organizations are trying to enhance the sales of their organization. When an organization is launching its product in a market then certain factors like the economic conditions, target market must be kept in mind. Innovation is considered as an important aspect and it is closely related with the sales of an organization. When new models of toys are introduced in the market then they target market would definitely respond positively because there are certain players in the market which are regarded as early adopters these early adopted would definitely try these products and ultimately the sales of the organization would be affected (Bessant & Tidd, 2009).

Research Methodologies

In the similar manner it can be said that emphasizing on a research approach and stressing on the factors like target market, sample size, etc can enhance the performance of an organization. Similarly, it can be said that one of the most important elements in research is the selection of an appropriate approach and the viability of that approach. This part must be dealt with extreme care and it must be implemented and confirmed during the planning and the evaluation stage of the research project. The concepts regarding the research are quite wide and varied and there are different schools of thoughts about various methods that are practiced and used in the contemporary academia. Throughout the years there have been many suggestions that pertain to different types of methods methodologies that are applied in different fields of research. These methodologies are applied to attain the short and the long term objectives of a research project. The professionals that conduct research stresses a lot on achieving their targets and objectives, ultimately they reach high quality decisions if the research is conducted in an appropriate manner (Creswell, 2008).

Research Objective

The core objective of the research is to identify the buying behavior of parents in buying push and pull toys for their children. The entire research is based on primary and secondary sources and through surveys and questionnaires the results are evaluated.

Problem Statement

The hypothesis of the research is given below:

Ho = Children are satisfied with the features of push and pull toys that are available in Malaysia

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