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There might have been possible solutions to the dilemma. The first and most simple one being that they could have stuck to everyday norms and capitalized on the idea of beauty that is portrayed by someone else. By fighting for “The Campaign for Real Beauty” Dove was fighting itself: a beauty brand was trying to redefine ‘beauty.’ The pros of this strategy would have been that Dove would have been like every other beauty brand out there. It would be competing with the same people in the same way.

There might have been lesser risks. Dove already had a very strong brand identity and was widely recognized. The company could have used the same idea that was behind its beauty bar, “a product that doesn’t dry out your skin.” They could have built their line extension on this idea by developing hairspray formula that would leave hair softer and less dry and brittle compared to other hairspray products. The deodorant could have been moisturizer for the underarm, and area many people tend to neglect once they’ve tackled the odor and perspiration control aspect. The lotions, cleansers and all other products could have been based on a creamier and moisturizing formula and that could have been there brand philosophy from beginning to end. Keeping with tradition they could have avoided all the risks and perhaps with the appropriate market research they could have discovered whether moisturizing products would succeed in the current market.

The cons of this strategy would have been excessive though. The products would only be marketed on a functional purpose instead of having a concept or idea behind it all. It would reduce the product to utility based one. If you take any product in the market today it has a brand identity, a brand image and basically a story to tell. Experiential marketing is the new norm and people actually buy the ideas when they’re told in a story like manner. We go to Disney to experience a magical land, Herbal Essences was marketed on an orgasmic experience and people book a 5 star hotel because to have a good and luxurious experience. Unilever’s idea was to globally centralize its brands and to not have a single idea aside from a functional benefit might have been detrimental to the health of the brand.

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