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The behavior of the consumers is always considered to be an important task and organizations usually stress a lot on this. Consumer behavior audit actually benefits a marketer in both the short and the long run. Through a consumer behavior audit important factors of consumer behavior that are attached to a certain brand are highlighted and decisions can be based on this audit. In this paper we will conduct a consumer behavior audit of McDonalds and emphasis are laid on certain factors like segmentation, positioning, pricing, distribution, promotion and product.


McDonald’s is considered as one of the finest and world’s largest fast food restaurant which is serving more than 47 million customers on a daily basis. This organization is quite enormous in its structure and its customer base is increasing day by day (Facella & Genn, 2008). Numerous branches are opening in nearly every country and this restaurant is considered as a power house in the fast food business. The company is ranked number 1 as far as sales are concerned and they have about 32,000 restaurants serving burgers and fries in more than 120 countries. The product line of this organization is quite enormous and diversified and this chain is very famous for its Quarter Pounds, Pounders and Chicken Mcnuggets (Watson, 2006). They have diversified a lot and that is the reason why they have developed salads, wraps and fruits.

McDonalds is quite rich is its history and the business actually began in the year 1940 and a single restaurant was actually opened by two brothers Dick and Mac McDonalds in California. They initiated the “Speedee Service System” in the 1948 which was actually established on the principle of modern fast food restaurants. The mascot of this restaurant at that time was a hamburger shaped man wearing a chef’s hat and its name was ‘Speedee’. However, in the current era the mascot of McDonald’s is changed and Ronald McDonald is the new mascot of this organization. This organization has transgressed through different stages and McDonalds is expanding in the international markets.

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