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For all those who think that businessmen and entrepreneurs are more or less must read this essay to see the other side of the picture as it highlights all the points that are considered to be the grounds of differences between the two.

What is the difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur? Are they the same? They are somehow closely related as both do business. BUT they are different.

To answer it directly, considering in a puppet and puppeteer relationship, an entrepreneur is the puppeteer while the businessman is the puppet. Similarly, in an employee-employer relationship, the entrepreneur is the employer while the employee is the businessman. In short, an entrepreneur MANAGES a businessman!

However more significant differences between the two includes: A businessman owns an enterprise or venture that is usually profit oriented while an entrepreneur owns an enterprise or venture that is usually customer oriented.

A businessman is generally traditional, usually plays safe and owns an enterprise that is purchased, donated or inherited while an entrepreneur is an innovator, bold and ambitious in nature and creates his own idea and realize it as a business.

The common difference between the two is that a businessman works for the Company and usually does not have time for his/her families and love ones while in entrepreneurship the Company works for the entrepreneur and he/she shares enough time with his/her families and love ones.

Another major difference between the two is that a businessman generally hires people to contribute profit and commonly commit tax dodging to save taxes and increase profit while an entrepreneur generally hires people to make their lives better and practices tax avoidance to save taxes and increase profit.

As a conclusion, a businessman is similar to an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur is a businessman. Entrepreneur is a businessman which is not traditional but is an innovative and creative type of a businessman. An entrepreneur differs a lot from a usual businessman. His entrepreneurship is created out of his own innovative idea and creation which is realized to be placed in business or to be transformed as a good business. Entrepreneurs are also more concerned on the quality of their products and on the satisfaction of their customers rather than being too much concerned to their profits. Which in turn makes the entrepreneurs to earn less while a businessman on the other hand earns huge profits. (Stephen J.)

BUT a businessman needs to evolve to become an entrepreneur. Have you ever thought of calling McDonalds to order a food? The owner is not the one attending to your orders but his people and he earns from it.  A mere evidence of earning by employing businessman or people. That is an entrepreneur!

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