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The name of the coffee shop is “Cosmo Coffee” and it is determined to fulfill the daily necessity for the individuals who are labeled as coffee addicts. The ambience of the place is quite attractive and it’s developed for the people who are willing for a comfortable place. The coffee shop will be located at different places of Los Angeles and the mission of the shop would be to build a base of customers that are loyal to the brand. Cosmo Coffee will offer the best coffee in town with complementary items like books, pastries, etc.


The objectives of the organization for the first year would be:

  • To become the best coffee house for the selected target market in Los Angeles.
  • Profits should be achieved in the first month if operations.
  • The gross margin of 55% should be maintained.

Key Success factors

Cosmo Coffee’s key success factors would be:

  • The design and ambience of the shop would be attractive for the customers and it would be efficient for the operations.
  • Employees must be trained rigorously for preparing the best coffee.
  • The marketing strategies should be directed towards the customers and emphasis will be laid on devising strategies which would retain the customers on a long term basis.


The mission of the organization is to make a place in which people can socialize with each other and the environment of the organization is relaxing and comfortable. The customers of the organization can enjoy the best coffee and pastries in town. The organization would be focusing on the relieving the stress of the customers through peaceful ambience and soft music.

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