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Organizations are getting bigger and stronger and they are adopting novel ways to success in the battle field of different organizations. However, the concept of business ecosystems stresses on the point that business organizations are more interdependent than ever before. This statement in certain cases can be accepted because there are certain organizations that are considered as giants in their industry and these organizations does not need the support of other organizations and that is the reason why they don’t engage themselves in collaborative measures and work separately.

However, because of increasing competition the trend is changing and business are growing bigger and that is the reason why they are amalgamating together through mergers and acquisitions and they are interdependent on other organizations (Caroselli, 2000). Different organizations are seeking help from other organizations and in order to face stiff competition they are enlarging their business entities and that is the reason why they are enlarging their structure and depending on others. Usually, international support is adopted by local organizations and therefore it can be said clearly that in today’s changing environment where there is uncertainty in terms of customers, competitors and employees and organizations are willing to increase their returns. That is the reason why they are organizations it can be said that the concept of business ecosystem is quite viable in today’s world and small, medium and even large organizations are more interdependent than ever before. They enter in to different contracts, mergers and acquisitions to increase their performance in both the short and the long run.

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