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It used to take years to build a brand. Companies like Procter & Gamble and General Electric, making quality products over the time (Balmer 2001) the instantaneous power of the brand to new heights in the 1980s, when Apple Computer and Nike spent almost its entire advertising budget to run ads for a minute during the Super Bowl.Thompson (2004) said that to build a brand is to create a mythology. The key to building a strong brand and lasting mythology is advertising.

Advertising is a powerful way to create an inventory of the collection of images, associations, and the feeling of a brand. Marketing is the brand. The two concepts are so closely connected that it is impossible to separate. Moreover, because all of a company cannot contribute to the process of branding, marketing is not a role that can be considered isolation (Gregory 2003).

Williamson (1999) stipulates that any construction in the technology world has grown with an entirely different set of assumptions from the very nature of innovation. Winkler (1999) said that the need for speed has changed the way that business processes and consumers perceive the products, services and related functions.According to Winkler (1999) there are six myths about the brand that, until recently, have been held as immutable. They are:

M1. A brand is built over a long period. Communications technology and computers have created a brand that can be measured in nanoseconds.

M2. A brand is specifically designed for a well-defined objective. A brand must be more comprehensive, as Winkler, due to more complicated relationships with stakeholders and society more divided.

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