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The Buddhist universe comprises of thirty one planes. All the human beings and the other beings live on one or the other planes among the thirty-one of them. These planes are of immaterial brahma realm, fine material brahma realm and sensuous realm. Hindus have a concept of cyclic nature of the universe and nothing outside it. Framework of cycles let the cosmos follow one cycle within it in the perpetual wheel of time. This cycle experiences the making and breaking of universe and soul also experience its own cycle of rebirths. The reincarnation of individual souls is repetitively done in cycle (Smith).

After death all the beings will be reborn in any of the realms under those thirty one planes in Buddhism. Hinduism also supports reincarnation after death. Jainism explains that liberation of souls of living beings is done after overtiredness and exhaustion of all karmas. When the soul gets liberated it regains all the characteristics of ecstasy, authority, comprehension and visualization. After that the souls goes up to the top and stays there forever in an ecstatic subsistence and never come back to the cycles of facing births and deaths. This state of soul is known as nirvana (Smith).

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