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Pentti Kirstila is an experienced detective fiction writer who had written several short stories and novels and one of her short stories ‘Brown eyes and Green Hair’ is being reviewed in this short paper by carrying out literary analysis revolving around for its main ideas and how they relate to the main theme of the story.
The central themes of the short story revolve around the murderer Tiina, who appears to be fueling the play with her vague motives and double edged intentions. An example of the extreme extent of Tiina’s obsessive behavior can be found in her answer to Karvonen’s question when he asked her: “Why did you do it by the way? That Mohican Cut” (Kirstilä), and she replied: “why did you buy those lenses?” (Kirstilä).

We can infer from this segment of discourse that the motive, which is a crucial element in every homicide case, is not one based on revenge or hatred, but on blind obsession that persists without reason and acts without rationale (Kirstilä). However, this element of obsession is far from the central theme of the story. The central theme can be found in the indication that Tiina has made in her rhetoric stated above: To develop a side of your personality that is far from your original persona and attempts to satisfy insecurities and a strong lack of self-confidence.

The establishment of this theme can be further ascertained through the fact that all three major characters have a tendency to develop artificial personalities and use them as their primary personalities in their day to day life. This hypothesis is further attested when one collectively considers the fact that Timo Karvonen answers more to his insecurities than to reason and rationale, Tiina was unhappy with her appearance and undergoes a transformation of sorts even as the reader is introduced to her character, while Tauno Kurikka loathed his very name and prefers to lead his life as Toni.

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