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Recently, BlackBerry has moved forwards by applying a Broad Differentiation strategy (Johnson, Scholes, & Whittington, 2008). Blackberry has now decided to take on competitors by venturing forth into broader markets. These include students and leisure users. By focusing on such broad markets, BlackBerry has made itself susceptible to competitors and may face stiffer struggles than it has been used to in the past.

By moving on to the new strategy, and succeeding in its application, BlackBerry has shown that it has competitive advantage in many aspects, such as superior technology, data security and brand value. These advantages will continue to favor BlackBerry in the professional user market. It however needs to innovate and market its products more with changing times and with different segments. In segments such as leisure users, other factors and features are more important. For example, leisure users may prefer phones that are viewed as fashion statements and show a sense of style (Katz & Sugiyama, 2005). And students may use the cellular phones as status symbols (Ezine articles, 2007). Enterprise users can set up a messaging system within their organization, using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Giguere). These factors set apart BlackBerry and highlight its differentiation strategy.

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