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The question that arises in the case of prisoners who will not be released after the closure of Gitmo is whether these prisoners will be moved within the United States or will they be relocated to a prison in some other country (NPR, 2009). The fact is that both options will hold a great deal of threat for the US citizens.

If these prisoners are moved in facilities within the US where laws are more liberal than in many other countries, these criminals may escape from harsher penalties than they would have received had they been tried in other foreign countries with stricter laws. Also, moving these terrorists within the United States territories may prove to be a devastatingly bad move on the part of the politicians. These terrorists or would be terrorists have been raised to have deeply ingrained anti-American sentiments within their psyche. They are probably efficiently trained in physical combat and could cause great harm not only to their fellow inmates but to correctional officers as well. And in the slight possibility that they manage to escape with help from their “well wishers” on the outside, then they would definitely be a serious threat for the millions of civilians residing in the United States. This would most definitely be a case of “bringing a cat amongst the pigeons!”

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