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Looking at the bright sides of globalization to economy and business, companies are rethinking about their infrastructure so that they can also get the benefits pertaining to globalization matter. This restructuring may include replacement of whole crew, organization’s hierarchy, and employment of information systems. The reason behind this restructuring is to make the most of prevailing technology and also to remove the fear of being left behind in competitive market (Stephens, 1999).

Information management on an international level in multinational firms needs to make the IT schedule of actions very clear whenever they expand their domain in extending the organization’s business sphere. This extension reaches to numerous economies covering various countries where mature markets get to integrate into such multinational firm. Additionally an integration of newly arising markets, and also the assimilation of currencies are also included into the schedule. Schedule also includes the blow of internet and invigorating the business activity involving global accesses (Stephens, 1999).

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