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He does not hide his disdain for government agencies which deny those fair wages and privileges simply because they do not have the recourse or the knowledge to complain. Neither does he do so for clothing manufacturers and farmers who exploit their workers for their own profit. He does however stress for the need to see all the pieces of the puzzle. To see how the bigger picture fits together before pointing fingers and jumping to conclusions. That the problems faced by these workers are not as simple as they may seem.

He browses over the necessities required to work and live in the United States. The pressures of having public housing, public transportation along with proper child care, effective parenting skills, proper job training, psychological stability, speaking skills, budgeting skills and arithmetic skills.

All of these skills along with the presence of honest banking practices, tax benefits and the aid of their employers are paramount to breaking the cycle of poverty which is pervasive in our society. He documents the fact that various jobs are being outsourced to third world countries. How the economy today caters to the profiting practices of companies which kills jobs and creates new ones which require expert workers both of which leave the poverty stricken either unemployed or with no recourse but to take low paying jobs and not complain.

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