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But the question is how to build a brand; company has to look certain things like how the customer experiences your brand like products, packaging, price and sales force. All these elements helped to develop a certain kind of impression of the customer about that particular brand. The main job of a marketer is to design these points of contact so that they convey the core message of the brand. There are certain tool and techniques that helps to build a strong brand (Glatstein, 2009).


It is very important to make the brand personality in such a way that it looks very different from rest of the brands and producers. It is also the very purpose of building brand. This not only helps the loyal consumers to uniquely identify the particular brand but also helps to maintain the association of the customers with a particular brand. As mentioned above, brand is a perception of certain number of qualities and values in the minds of the consumer so this image should be build differently and position the brand in the mind of consumer accordingly. This positioning should carry all the properties and promises made by the company to the brand and later it should be reinforced by providing those quality standards.

Find reasons to believe by the customer

It is very essential for the company to build a brand that people believe. Company has to devise carefully the right kind of promises which it made with its customer during brand building. For example, if an automobile company promised about the safety and luxury experience then it should deliver to its customer.

Distinguish customer points of contact

Each customer has certain type of question before making his or her opinion about the brand like how the company tried to satisfy the demand of its customers, how products are made and sold, which quality standards company follow and what are the arrangements company made by it to provide after sales service to its customers and the competency of its sales force and their behavior with their customers. A company has to answer these questions very precisely and comprehensively (Glatstein, 2009).

Promotion mix

In order to convey the message and promises of a brand, first the clear cut message, brand personality features like color and style etc., should be defined and then company has to use the promotion mix in order to communicate its message to the target audience. The promotion mix normally used is advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, sales promotion activates and public relations (Kotler, 2002).

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