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  • Branding seems to be an expensive measure but strategists an analysts believe that this expenditure is quite fruitful in the long run and what seems expense in the short run might produce enormous results and boasts in the long run. A product with a plain brown paper might sell with its quality but in the long run customers cannot recognize the product because no brand name was placed on it and that is why they cannot retain it. That is the reason why a proper branding campaign must be initiated by the organization and the brown plain paper must be branded. Packaging plays an important role in the marketing process and it actually strengthens the marketing process therefore emphasis must be laid on the packaging of this product. Therefore, in this scenario first a brand name must be established and then the packaging of the packet must be changed. In the long it is highly probable that the customers would retain the brand and packaging plays an important role in it.

  • GGI is interested in opening new stores and for these stores certain marketing strategies and approaches must be used by GGI like merchandising, promotional campaigns and giving discounts to the channel members. The brand name must give a fresher look to the organization and it promises value to the customers.
  • Different marketing efforts must be used to increase the sales and the awareness of the brand. In the similar manner first a proper marketing plan must be developed for a new brand and then emphasis must be laid to implement that plan. Similarly, promotional activities must be initiated with the development of the brand and through these activities awareness must be created (Peter & Donnelly, 2008). Finally, feedback must be taken from the customers about the performance of the brand and whether they are satisfied with the brand or not?

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