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The role of branding in the current era is considered as an important element for nearly all the organizations and organizations heavily rely on building the brands. Strategists and analysts believe that a strong brand can change the fate of an organization (Ronney 1995). Branding dates back to as early as 5000BC. It attained its current form in 1870 with the passing of the US Federal Trademark Legislation. The usual perception regarding the influences of branding on products with respect to the consumers is that branding allows consumers to identify and differentiate between products, making the purchasing process an easier and more comfortable process for the consumer altogether.

In addition, over the years, an observation regarding this matter has come forth which reflects that the exercise of branding has caused the producers of their respective brands to work extensively on increasing the quality of their products in response to increasing competition in the market (Chiaravelle and Schenck 2006). The purpose of branding is wide and varied and it allows the seller to develop concrete marketing campaigns while giving the seller a channel to develop a share in the market under a unique identity. Certain individuals and strategists actually believe that a brand is a single identity in the minds of the consumers. However, Jean-Noel Kapferer (2004) claims that brands are considered as the part and parcel of everyone’s life and brand is usually regarded as symbol, logo or a design (Kapferer  2004).  Branding does not only serve to allow organizations to develop unique identities for their products, but also in the process, it allows manufacturers to exercise efficient product differentiation as well (Sexton and Trump 2008).

By allowing the producer to carry out these tasks as a direct benefit of branding, it allows the producer to make the consumers less price sensitive since the consumers develop identification with the subject brand and eventually develop a loyalty to the brand. In the similar manner besides these there are certain other benefits and characteristics of brands like if branding is implemented in a proper manner than it is highly probable that it would give a sustainable competitive advantage to an organization (Ronney 1995). The brand gives a new life to a product or service and the consumers in certain scenarios actually believe that they cannot live without a certain brand. In many cases a brand becomes so strong that consumers cannot imagine living without it. For example Pepsi and Coca-Cola are considered as the powerhouse brands of the world and in today’s world they are treated as a necessity. In the similar manner there are certain scenarios in which the brand becomes so strong that consumers tattoo themselves with the logo of a certain organization (Barron 2003). There are certain terminologies that are closely related with the scenario of branding and these terminologies are brand equity, brand awareness and revitalization of brands.

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