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In order to improve the competitive position of the brand there are certain recommendations that are associated with the brand. However, this should be kept in mind that the brand must be differentiated from its competitors and because of the fact that the brand actually exist in a competitive industry than that is the reason why different competitive measures must be taken by the brand. However, the recommendations that are associated with the Irish Spring are discussed below:

  • The brand must engage in competitive advertising and by collaborating with different agencies and marketing organizations the brand can be repositioned for a certain period of time just to give a tougher competition to the existing players of the market. However, emphasis of the brand must be based on competitive advertising and this would affect the competitor’s product from the market.
  • In the similar manner different promotional campaigns must be started in such a way that all these promotional activities should retain the customers on a longer term and they would positively affect the sales of the organization. In the similar manner certain promotional campaigns should be started in such a way that customers would market the brand and by referring the brand they should be rewarded by the organization.
  • Finally more variants might hurt the true essence of the brand that is the reason why emphasis must be laid on the existing variants and more variants must not be added in the product line. However, stressing on the 4 P’s might automatically give a competitive edge to the organization.

The benefits of these recommendations are wide and varied and Colgate Palmolive must emphasize on these aspects and the brand related aspects might not be considered as a fad to an organizations and all these aspects must be taken seriously because they directly affect the well being of a brand in both the short and the long run. Besides that a close look at the competitor’s offerings should be kept in mind because the industry is quite competitive and that is the reason why steps must be taken in the initial stages. However, the most important aspect is retaining the customers on a long term basis and this would actually ensure a balanced competitive position for the brand.

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