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From the above discussion, we can infer that Coca Cola has an extremely diversified brand development strategy. Coca Cola has never opted to take one particular market segment as its target consumers or one particular brand development strategy as its brand development road map. Coca Cola has chosen to implement a combination of strategies in order to maintain its position in the market as a leader in the industry. Coca Cola has been evolving through the decades and has been continuously learning and implementing new market strategies that are coming up in the market.

Even though Coca Cola has achieved an exceptional standing in the industry, it still continues to exercise extensive campaigns to make sure that at no time do consumers forget that Coca Cola caters to all of their desires and emotions.  The company now works on a strategy that propagates Coca Cola as a product that holds life, spirit and passion. The modern day image of Coca Cola is that of a celebration of these three key elements. Coca Cola gives a high degree of importance to the sustainability of the factors that it comes in interaction with in its production process as well as. It is for these reasons that Coca Cola is recognized across the world not only as a leader in market innovation but also in terms of its own development.

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