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Irish spring is quite a famous brand and it is well known in United Kingdom and Canada. There are different variants of Irish spring and the market in which it is operating is quite stiff in terms of competition. There are different competitors who can be termed as both the direct and the indirect competitors who are actually affecting the sales and the marketing strategies of Irish spring. Therefore, it can be said that although the brand is quite famous among the general people but people have different options to select when it comes deodorant soaps. That is the reason why an analysis of the brand and its competitors its quite necessary to understand the scenario that what factors are prevalent in the market and how they are affecting the performance of deodorant soap market.

Different scenarios are associated with the marketing of the brand and these factors in certain scenario are considered as the external factors that are associated with the well being of that brand. Consumer behavior, social forces, technological trends etc are included in the external analysis of a brand. This analysis of Irish Spring is discussed below:

Consumer behavior: Consumer behavior is considered as an important element in developing a long run strategy for a brand. The selection of the target market is closely related to this concept and this aspect was fulfilled by Irish Spring when they targeted the consumers on the basis of life styles patterns and personalities and a unique group was actually identified and through a proper analysis of the target group Irish Spring captured 15 percent of the deodorant soap market within the initial years of its introduction (Loudon and Britta).

Technological trends: In order to strengthen the brand Colgate-Palmolive used different new and modernized approached in Irish Spring and they changed the overall outlook of the brand. New and improved production units were placed and the ultimate goal was to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Environmental factors: Organizations that are operating in the deodorants and the soaps industry must comply with the environmental rules and regulation because non-compliance with the environmental rules might be fatal for a certain brand. Emission of CFC’s can be hazardous for the environment and CFC’s are mostly associated with soaps and deodorant. That is the reason why Irish Spring’s compliance with the environmental rules and regulations is essential.

Social forces: The social forces include the prevalent norms and cultures of the society. In the similar manner it also incorporates the rituals of the society. In the example of Irish Spring the preferences of consumers are changing and they are opting for liquid soap rather than a bar soap. In the similar manner he society and the target market is usually attracted by ads that includes a feminine element. That is the reason why in certain cases Irish Spring is criticized because of having sexual appeal in their ads.

Therefore, it can be said that the above give forces are quite prevalent in the market and besides these forces there are certain other factors in the market. However, it can be said that these forces are applicable for all the players of the market and organizations like Unilever, P and G stress a lot on these factors.

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