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The forms of greeting around the world are very different. Handshakes in the United States and Canada are firm, in France, it’s quick and soft. In Japan, the person follows it with a polite bow and usually the same trend is found with the men Germany. In the Middle East, people shake hands like someone said ‘freeze’ during a game of ‘slide slide slippery side’. Also, bowing is the norm in many countries around the world and is supposed to be a sign of respect. Hugging and kissing also has different rules and regulations in different countries. Imagine two women meeting at a party, they would probably hug and kiss on each check. Now, add an extra kiss and imagine the women are men. The equation gives you the Middle East where men often greet each other with hugs and kisses. (Sheng)

Eye contact also means different things in different culture. For example, if we stick to the example of an American teenager we know instantly what the rolling of eyes means and what kind of expression is paired with sarcasm. Other than teenager, Eye contact is usually made with the other person to show interest in the conversation. Someone looking the other way would usually translate to boredom. In a country like Japan, direct eye contact is a major no-no, people consider it to be rude and invasive. McDonald’s slogan ‘put a smile on’ would work wonders around the world to enhance brand image around the world because any would imagine the concept of a smile is universal. It isn’t. In a country like Korea smiling in public is not considered appropriate, especially by adults and it may be sign of embarrassment rather than happiness. Headshaking across the world means different things too. In South Asia it might mean agreement, disagreement, contentment, or a simple goodbye. (Sheng) Observing American culture, the head shake is not used for agreement and disagreement only. If pop culture or hip hop culture is observed, teens usually shake or nod their head as a ‘what’s up’ by slightly tilting their head up.

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