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Blogging is a new phenomenon that can help students to develop their comprehension and writing skills. Blogging can help students in many ways. It could be beneficial in terms of writing with motivation and grasping a good amount of readership that could help a student understand his or her flaws and weak points within no time. Weblog could be a motivational platform for students and thus instructors and guardians can help students understand the formulation of a blog. This paper deals with the evaluation of blogging and a brief analysis of the benefits that blogging provides students.

It must be compulsory for the students who are enrolled in a writing course to have their own blog feeds. Keeping a blog could help students in order to practice their daily lectures and implementing the important assertions in the weblog. Blogging can help students write in a more intellectual and creative manner. There can be several tips and pointers to keep in mind when keeping a blog and to make feeds more interesting and readable[1]. Blogging could be challenging many times because there are already a great number of blogs available on internet for the readers to read. In such a competition, writers would need to write interesting facts as the material of their blogs.

Selecting a tag or a topic for the blog post is another task that could help students to learn more and effectively. It is important to make sure that the topics of blog feed must be interesting because readers would not stop to read something boring. It should be noted that students make their blogs interesting for the readers by choosing effective and catchy topics for their blog posts.

[1] Vale, K. Blogs: Benefits, Risks, and Exposures. Cambridge: MIT IS&T Academic Computing, 2006.

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