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Apple, a miracle and a device that makes the world go round for bloggers. People have been writing their heart out about the Apple and its innovations. It was only a matter of few seconds after the CEO of the Apple Inc., Steve Jobs had announced that their latest gizmo gadget would be iPhone that is currently ruling the hands of millions of people across the globe Wikipedia that is an open source sharing site had the information regarding the Appleā€™s latest product iPhone.

Over the past few years the company had a successful track of launching what some may call fascinating gizmos including the iMac, iPod, iPhone etc (Linzmayer 2004). New wave of programmers jumped on the wagon developing and marketing their applications. Apple itself offered countless applications and upgraded operating software for customers (Flynn 2006). The company emerged from a period of declining sales and dark shadows glooming its future in ever tougher market to one of the successful enterprises.

Apple Inc Company managed to present a good revenue statistics even in the tight economical situation. According to the annual report of the Apple Inc. Company, the total amount of profit that the company had achieved is $1.61 billions. The company sales were tremendous during the first quarter of the year. Apple managed to sell 2,524, 000 Macintosh computers world wide. Currently the company is enjoying the prestige as it was expected in the marketing plan for the year 2009. It is expected that the company would significantly arise up to higher market levels. In such a situation online bloggers help Apple gets more hype (Apple Inc. 2009).

Apple products are more browsed and buffered on YouTube than the videos regarding Barack Obama or McDonalds (Newson, Houghton, & Patten 2008). The competitors of the Apple Inc. would find it complicated to give another topic to the online bloggers with their gadgets (Writers Write Inc. 2005). Pete Blackshaw the chief marketing officer of Neilson BuzzMetrics pronounces that calls blogging a form of journalism that is probably a first take expression of bloggers regarding topics. And in terms of first take blog posts, Apple has been in the first place.

The awareness regarding iPhones was widespread among the masses in no time. The spread of news regarding Apple was a speedy writing generation by the online bloggers. The result of anonymous and traditional advertising by blogs helped the company to get more customers come to the store and buy its latest 3Gs technology.

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