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How might BlackBerry reposition itself in offering an appeal to attract students and leisure market users? To what extent is this strategy viable / sustainable?

Answer. Students and leisure users are generally more price sensitive. To attract this market, a low-cost strategy (Johnson, Scholes, & Whittington, 2008) may need to be adopted. In this strategy, BlackBerry would need to provide a product that is of a lower price than consumers.

Simultaneously, the product has to have aesthetic value, such as different colors and styles. Ergonomics is also very important, such as the shape of the phone and smaller size. These factors are more important for students and the younger generation.

Technologically, BlackBerry has to maintain higher standards than competitors. Technologies that are important to the student segment include messaging, email, voice mail, etc.

This strategy of low cost would effectively mean a heads-on collision with the giants in the industry, such as Nokia, Siemens and others. To compete in this segment, RIM, the manufacturers of BlackBerry will have to invest heavily in R&D to counter the different products that their competitors will respond with. But, on the whole, in my opinion, BlackBerry has done brilliantly, where others have failed, so there is no reason why they cannot succeed here.

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