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Another disorder it is closely related to is called Binge eating disorder. It is differentiated from this condition by the absence of binge eating. Meaning frequent episodes in which the individual will eat beyond the point of comfortably being full are not present. In compulsive eating disorder a person will eat beyond the point of being comfortable i.e., being full. Binge eating disorder is more common in women than men with the ratio being three is to two for women (Psychology Today).

Food addiction is characterized by a behavior known as grazing whereby the individual will return to eat food throughout the day. Often times the overeater will feel guilty due to his habits as well as having feelings of shame and guilt. The individual will also do not compensate for his overeating by purging with the use of laxatives or vomiting. They usually eat alone and will eat rapidly and uncontrollably even when not hungry. They may be so depressed about their condition that those closest to them may not even know they have the disease.

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