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The success of this bill came after a four year crusade lead by Wes Bledsoe the nation’s leading expert on predators in nursing homes. The crusade uncovered a total of sixty murders, rapes, sexual and physical assaults committed by these offenders while living as residents in general long term facilities. This new law will not only protect the general population from the criminal tendencies of these individuals but also create an environment where they can live out the rest of their days in relative peace (Bio-Medicine, 2008).

Not only that but this law was culminated after the struggled disproved several pre-supposed facts about these offenders such as they were old and didn’t pose a threat to children or otherwise. It also disproved that general nursing homes were incapable of looking after these individuals, as well as the fact that these individuals committed their crimes some time ago and have repaid their debt to society (Reuters, 2008). This event perfectly encompasses the three perspectives mentioned above but truly defines the functional perspective. It not only meets the needs of the individuals who are criminals by their standing in society but also the civilian population. By providing all of them with basic health care and an environment where they cannot commit further crimes they also fulfill their needs from the Symbolic Inter-actionist Perspective.

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