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Thermogenic Hydroxycut Advanced is a dietary supplement that is meant to provide consumers with an increased metabolism rate through which they can burn calories rapidly and therefore increase energy while reducing weight. This paper shall attempt to provide a review of an official online article on the product in light of critical thinking skills acquired during the course.

A review of the online article on the product showed that there is hardly any precision in the article and it provides no testimonials to add credibility to the review of the product. Also there is a strong sense of deficiency in the fact that no reference to any authority on dietary fitness has been mentioned and this serves to strip the article of significance and relevance. The only form of clarity present is one that pertains to the producer’s opinion on the product.

The article constitutes unproven and unreferenced ramblings of the feasibility of the product. The fact that dietary supplement manufacturers are not required to reveal their entire ingredients to the FDA is one that appears to be next to irrelevant when considered in contrast to the fact that the only claim made by the article regarding the authenticity of the product is one that is based on pure presumption. Statements such as “[W]e are sure you’ll agree” (Hydroxycut, 2009) and “Thermogenic Hydroxycut Advanced is a remarkable formula you can feel good about” (Hydroxycut, 2009) rest heavily on the manufacturers perception of the product and are devoid of any sources from where they can be ascertained. Also, continuous rereads of the article highlighted the fact that the product in question is one that is highly sensitive in nature and a need for credibility, clarity and accuracy exists for the same reason. Statements such as those quoted above ascertain that the article does not even come close to satisfying these needs. In light of this critical analysis, we can surmise that that article falls short of qualifying as unbiased and constitutes numerous fallacies and submissions to prejudice (Ruscio, 2006).

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