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Transportations is what makes the world go round, it is involved in every world that concerns the promotion of human life, economy, medicine, business, services, shopping, and emergencies etc. Transportation is what lends aid to them all. It provides vehicles to many different systems. The major benefit that Transportation renders is that it cuts down on man’s time and effort. Fact of the matter is goods reach from one destination. There are many links that are required to bring about the output that is Transportation. The technology, the man power, the organized overall strategy that decides the requirements of custom designed vehicles to make the systems work.

Transportation is often categorized into various different modes of infrastructure; those are rail, highway, air etc. The Highways however are further divided into various sub categories depending on the vehicle type, motorcycles, cars, buses, trailers, bicycles, trucks etc.

Even though transportation is of the utmost importance, all modes of transportation come with the heavy burden of danger. Speed is the benefit, while pollution, exhaust fumes, noise pollution, accidental mishaps, fatalities etc. are the byproduct of this brain child.

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