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Nuclear energy is a developing technology. Initially because the fuel produced from it will last for centuries.  Comparatively its consumption has not any adverse effects on environmental pollution. The wastes that come out after its consumption can be dealt easily providing environmental safety. Socially it is beneficial because the fossil resources, which should be kept now for future, are preserved greatly by its use. Economically, it costs lesser than other resources.

The reserved government of Soviet Union understated this huge incident as a minor one. Many residents left away and the others continued to pollute themselves with radionuclide which is referred as atoms that release poisonous ionizing radiations.

Today every country is maintaining her economy on the basis of natural resource which includes water, coal, oil, gas, energy, nuclear energy, etc. The countries which are producing electricity from nuclear energy are self sufficiently meeting their energy requirements and are engaged in exporting it too. The countries not having the nuclear power plants are managing to have their own. About two-third of population includes those peoples who have their own nuclear power plants.

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