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  • The major issue that is leading to the psychological problems in parents and children is the lack of income which is required for a better living. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) also helps in preventing health risks as well as success in job finding. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) also helps in reducing negative effects of unemployment. In this case the client would easily overcome the depression of being unemployed and will be able to look after the children progress.

  • According to the Lu Chang and Charles Pau (2006), Adolescent Forensic Health Service is a service that helps the young offenders in educating and building their character. This is a social service that provides psychological treatment through motivational strategies. It is suggested that the children must be given motivational services from the Adolescent Forensic Health Service (Chan & Pau, 2006).

The above supports would help the client in overcoming the family problems which includes the negative effects of unemployment, the depression causing parents in inappropriate nurturing of children and poor progress of children as reported by school officials.

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