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The benefit of writing effective titles could help you get good amount of people selecting your blog to read. In this way a student can get a variety of comments for the blog posts. This will enable a student to become motivated and confident to write more interesting.

Blogging can help a student communicate with more people who share expertise in a particular field of work. This enables them to know about different perspectives of people regarding certain criteria. Blogging could serve a purpose as a citizen journalism that would polish writing and analysis skills of a student. Keeping a weblog would always keep you updated regarding the current topics and affairs all over the world. Moreover blogging could also become a source of positive energy to rethink and establish better communication skills in a student[1].

Reader feedback is a vital part of blogging that would help a student in maintaining a current record of reading and writing. Students would develop different ways to keep interesting blog such as presenting problems and then providing solutions. Illustrations and videos on a weblog would increase the readership and if a student is successful in increasing readership by convincing them with his or her words and pictures then he can actually excel more on the blogging tool.

Internet blogging is beneficial to students in many ways. Blogging is an educational activity that will help a student understand and increase his writing skills which will allow him to excel more in academic scoring. Therefore it could be said that blogging could help student in practicing verbal and writing skills through effective and creative communication through words.


[1] Same as (1)

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