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Learning the body language is very important in the criminal justice sector and it can prove to be very beneficial while questioning suspects. “…the interview is a process in which interviewee and interviewer exert mutual influence on the results of the interview. Body language supplements what a person says verbally with dozens of messages, such as small gestures, eye movements, changes in posture, and facial expressions. In the opening scenario, the detectives’ body language sent James Johnson a very clear message.

By crossing their arms, staring, scowling, raising their eyebrows, and a host of other nonverbal behaviors, they placed Johnson on the defensive and truncated the prospect of gaining his cooperation.” (Sandoval) In a situation like these investigators use their knowledge about body language to get results or to figure out if they are going to get ay results at all. Just like in investigator can tell learn a lot about a suspect or the person being interviewed by his or her body language, the interviewee can also learn a lot of the investigator. The person asking questions should analyze his subject first and understand how the person being interviewed will respond in the most beneficial manner. Often times, a louder tone or facial expressions that are negative might discourage the person being interviewed to answer at all. (Sandoval)

Communicating with our parents or someone we know as very easy compared to someone we don’t know. To effectively send a message and have the meaning be understood we have to understand the other person. An American teenager talking to another America teenager would pick up on the gestures and face expressions instantly but while talking to a Japanese or Middle Eastern teenager the forms of body language my differ vastly. Another benefit of learning body language is that it helps us communicate and understand people’s messages from other cultures. (Beamer & Varner 210)

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