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Basically the main flaw that McClellan did was not to deploy his army on time. For him it was not prepared to be placed strategically for war purpose. Being a perfectionist, he wanted to train his army even more. He was afraid to lose and wherever he used to find any risk, he would rather leave the task.

The fact that Lincoln had sent the war orders before an ample time he became late because of his own issues which included some disdain for Lincoln as well. McPherson mentions in his book about this that the Unions had been doing well for quite a time. They had been getting maximum triumphs. Their navy had the credit of incarcerating many convoys alongside South Carolina and North Carolina besides having defeated in a couple of wars; they had the maximum critical states under their invasion. They had flocked out confederacy troops from West Virginia. McClellan was also named as ‘Young Napoleon’ and he almost proved to be his replica at many places. This is the mistrust between him and his army that also caused them to fail (p.12- p.15).

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