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Globalization has different contexts and these contexts can be positive and negative. Similarly, globalization is closely linked with behavioral studies. All the behavioral theories are closely linked with the aspect of globalization. For e.g. behavioral learning theories believe that learning is closely linked with the change in behavior and this change in behavior occurs because of a continuous practice. These theories of behavioral learning are discussed below:

  • Contiguity theory
  • Classical conditioning theory or respondent conditioning.

The theories of behavioral sciences are closely related with the concept of globalization and the impacts of these theories on individuals of the society are wide and varied. The impact and relationships of these three theories on globalization are discussed below:

  1. Contiguity theory

The contiguity theory revolves around the principle that any stimulus and response element which is connected in certain time or space will be associated with something. This theory can be elaborated with an example that if a baseball player hits home runs when he is wearing a particular pairs of socks then he would associate the home runs with the pair of socks. Similarly, another example in this context would be related to the fact that if a student makes a good grade after implementing a new studying technique then he/she would relate the studying technique with the grade he/she scored. This technique is widely used by different individuals (Robbins & Chatterjee, 2005). This contiguity theory can also be linked with the phenomenon of globalization. People have a mindset that foreign products are good in quality and if one foreign product performs well then they would relate the fact that foreign products are good in quality. Similarly, if globalization offers them a lower cost product then certain individuals would believe that globalization is quite good for them because they are saving a lot of money because of globalization and it is offering them low cost products.

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